Gorillaz Let Me Out Fanimatic

Gorillaz - Let Me Out (Fanimatic)

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Name:Gorillaz - Let Me Out (Fanimatic)
Date:17 June 2017
Dis Like:330
Type:Youtube to Mp3

Ok so this is my first ever animatic and it took about three weeks (in between my GCSEs lmao). Despite rushing the end and a ton of mistakes/ inconsistencies I can see now, I'm proud of my project and hope it marks the start of more to come! I also can't thank Gorillaz enough for doing what they do. Thank you Damon and Jamie for inspiring myself and the rest of the world. 'ppreciate ya :) Watch the very very end of the video for a "treat" for reading the description... You may have to play the video at x0.25 speed haha.
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Song: Gorillaz | Let Me Out feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T
Get the Humanz album here - STANDARD - http://gorill.az/humanzSTD // DELUXE - http://gorill.az/humanzDLX

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